Amethyst is predominantly B2B.

We are licensed as Manufacturers Representatives for beverage alcohol producers who are exclusive to us in Ontario.  All alcohol comes in through the LCBO.

There are several channels through which our beverages are distributed.

  1. Retail Stores year round:
    • Veedha Douro Red, Portugal
    • Saint Lucia Distillers Chairman’s Reserve Rum
  2. Retail Stores seasonally:
    • Saint Lucia Distillers Forgotten Casks
    • Saint Lucia Distillers Admiral Rodney
  3. Retail Stores VINTAGES sections:

VINTAGES orders a few hundred cases and releases them to sell through within a few months.  Ask for a list of our Vintages products as availability changes all the time.  Generally we have something from these producers at least once during each 12 month period: 

    • Gustave Lorentz Wines
      • Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Gewurztraminer
    • Domain Salmon Muscadet Grande Reserve
    • Champange Baron-Fuente Grande Millisime (vintage)

       4. Products of the World single store only locations:

                    Martin Berdugo Wines, Ribera del Duero, Spain

  • Verdejo (Rudeda)
  • Rosado
  • Joven (unoaked)
  • Barrica (1 year oak)
  • Crianza
  • Reserva
  • mb (select vineyard)

            5. e-commerce LCBO

All of the above products are available for sale through the lcbo website other than VINTAGES releases.  BONUS: free delivery if you pick it up from your local store after placing your e-comm order.  Just expect it to take a week to arrive.

            6.  Private Ordering:

Anything in my entire portfolio can get brought in through Private Ordering for customers.  But the execution of these orders take as much work to bring one case as it takes to order 1000 cases.  In fact, it’s even harder to use this channel.   Here are the rules of engagement:

a) You must order a full case

b) If you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars in freight then we must wait to gather other people’s orders to add on to yours to make a large enough order to get preferred rates.  Usually 25 cases.

c) You pay a 25% (of estimated retail) deposit

d) We all wait for the inner workings of the system to do their thing.  This can and has taken up to a year in some situations to all align.

e) When it lands, it gets priced to it’s final retail and you pay the remainder owing.

f) If I am travelling anywhere near where you want it delivered then I am happy to deliver.  If not, then I would recommend using the FREE warehouse-to-store transfer system to have it sent to the LCBO near you.  Even though this adds on an extra couple of weeks to cracking open a bottle and pouring it into your glass.

            7. Consignment:

See Private Ordering above and take out everything after ‘a’ and add this:  you must pay for your order in full before I pick it up or arrange delivery.

            8. Cross Border Shopping

I highly recommend that you purchase our wines/spirits from the wineries and distilleries when you visit them around the world and I will direct you to the non-agent LCBO broker who can help you ship them to yourself for your re-entry into Canada.  Less expensive, faster, more selection, and a good way to entertain friends with stories of your travels.  You can do this even if you haven’t left the country; however, then you don’t get to use up your duty free limit to offset the courier expense.

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